Featured Projects

Working with more than 15 international clients in the last decade has given us the opportunity to learn and grow our knowledge and experience. Innovating and pushing boundaries at the same time as learning the best tools for the job.

CNC Asia

Node.js, BigchainDB, Ionic, Microservice, ReactJS

CNC Asia (CAS) requested us to develop a system that outputs QR authentication code / NFC tags to prevent counterfeits and for traceability. It needs to be secured by Blockchain technology, but they were not keen on public blockchain available solutions and stressed the importance of having a fast & functional back-end.

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The Co-op (Australia)

Magento 1, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Akeneo, Prerender

The Co-op are Australia’s largest Member owned retailer, with 2M members and more than 60 stores nationwide. Not only are they the largest provider of educational, professional and learning resources, they also offer a huge choice of tech gear, games and software as well as clothing, stationery, beauty products, travel accessories and more – both online and in-store. SSTech helped The Co-op build the largest online bookstore in Australia with a sound infrastructure and many sophisticated features.

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Australian Geographic

Magento 2, Vue.js, ElasticSearch, DooFinder

Australian Geographic captures the essence and spirit of Australia through its meticulously crafted and beautifully presented stories and photography in print and online. They contacted SSTech to build their Magento-based online store.


Magento 2, Ionic, Angular

Aisleplus (now Tutch) is a digital retail services company based in Sydney, Australia. SSTech were hired to work on several eCommerce and management solutions for them.

  • Always Fast: The kiosk enables fast and seamless interaction with high-res images and is video powered by a unique hybrid data management system along with a customised “big button” touch interface to engage the customer on the shop floor.
  • Smart Basket: links the customer’s cart across platforms, eliminating abandoned carts.
  • Know Your Sales: powerful CRM module that can track current purchase considerations as well as allowing the retailer to view the customers intended purchase selection with the potential GM achievable and make live or automatic offers accordingly.


PHP, Paypal, Stripe, Amazon ECS

Click.org helps website owners understand what their traffic numbers mean, with confusion-free, easy-to-understand charts & graphs. They can track & optimize all of their marketing campaigns In One Place.

Click has more than 17.000 users with above 170.000 tracking links.


Ruby On Rails

Bedssi helps students find a place to live in Australia easily & quickly. Some of the project’s highlights are:

  • Excellent search engine that allows students to search for their ideal rooms quickly
  • Simple 2 step listing for owners
  • Secure payment with Stripe
  • Custom instant messaging system


Angular, Flutter, Electron, OneSignal

Saigon Coop is one of the largest retailers in Vietnam. They shifted their business model from traditional retailing (supermarkets) to a hybrid platform that combines seamless integration between online and offline shopping. We were hired as a development partner to implement the following services:

  • Omni Channel system’s back-end (Magento) to replace their legacy software (Java)
  • Supermarket’s POS (Angular) that can offline transactions can be recorded and synced back when Internet connection is available
  • Scan & Go mobile application (Flutter)
  • On-going maintenance