CNC Asia

Blockchain based QR code solutions for anti-counterfeiting

CAS wants to develop a system that outputs QR authentication code / NFC tags to prevent counterfeits and for traceability. It needs to be secured by Blockchain technology, but they were not keen on public blockchain available solutions.


Node.js, BigchainDB, Ionic

  • Develop a complete system for managing products, QR & NFC tags, and QR batch
  • Develop a mobile application for end-users to scan QR code and report fraud cases
  • Research and develop a Blockchain database based on BigchainDB


  • Very secure blockchain-based QR and NFC solution
  • Powerful back-end for customers to handle thousands of label batches
  • Very user friendly scan mobile application for end users


  • Backend development (Node.js, BigchainDB)
  • Frontend development (Ionic)
  • AWS implementation (Kubernetes)